martes, 6 de julio de 2010

Everyday Activities

Hello people!...This is my homework from Activities and's a presentation with pictures of people doing different activities.

Activities and Interests

peace and love!

martes, 29 de junio de 2010

Menu and my favorite dish!

Hi! this video you'll see the menu of my restaurant 1000 miglia, and you'll also see my favorite dish from the menu, i hope you love it!

1000 miglia

peace and love!

martes, 8 de junio de 2010

My Room

Hi everydoby!..Here I will show you some items from my room which are:
1) Curtain
2) Window
3) Lamp
4) Table
5) Computer
6) Chair
7) Carpet
8) Closet
9) Clock
10) Bed
11) Drawers
I love my room because it is very wide and I can meet my friends there or simply read a couple of books.

peace and love!

miércoles, 19 de mayo de 2010

martes, 11 de mayo de 2010

Hello, world!

Hi, I'm Leidy Molina, Welcome to my blog!..This blog is for my English Level 1 class. Here I am going to post my homework and other interesting things that will help me to learn English as a Foreign Language.

Well, I'm a student. I go to Social Communication School in URBE. I'm 19 years old and I'm from San Cristobal, Venezuela, but i'm currently living in Maracaibo.

I hope you like my work...and please leave a comment!!

peace and love!